Athletic Forms

1st Season

2nd Season

3rd Season

4th Season

6, 7 & 8

Girls Basketball
6, 7 & 8

Girls Soccer


Boys Baseball

6, 7 & 8

Boys Basketball
6, 7 & 8


Girls Fastpitch

Season 1 starts Tuesday, September 5, 2017.
** Please print all forms, including the safety form specific to the sport you will be participating in.

All students participating in sports are required to have a current ASB Card and pay the user fee for each sport in which they participate.  Please keep in mind that students participating in more than one sport during the year must submit the individual safety form for each sport in which he/she participates.  However, all other forms only need to be submitted once.  Also, please make sure that all forms are completed and signed by all necessary parties.   Incomplete paperwork will delay the athlete from being able to practice, and possibly their participation in one or more games at the beginning of the respective season.

$55.00 Sports Fee per sport except Football
$65.00 Football Fee
$15.00 one time ASB fee required for sports.
                           No refunds after the first 3 practices                             

Please read the following letter regarding Glacier Middle School's grading policy: Parent Student Athlete Letter.pdf

Sport Form - Track:
1.) Form required for each school year - Track Safety Form
2.) Form required once a year for any sport - **see forms below**

Sport Form - Girls Fastpitch:
1.) Form(s) required for each school year - Fastpitch Safety Form
2.) Form required once a year for any sport - **see forms below**

Sport Form - Boys Baseball:
1.) Form(s) required for each school year - Baseball Safety Form
2.) Form required once a year for any sport - **see forms below**

**Below are required forms for all Athletes once per year**:
 - Form required once per year - mandatory_concussion_information.pdf

 - Form required once per year - athletic_participation_form.doc
 - Form required once per year
-  AthleticCodeGlacier-required.pdf
-  Form required once per year - Consent to Treatment.pdf
 - Form required once per year - Student-Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Awareness Form.pdf  - Pamphlet for Sudden Cardiac Arrest pamphlet.pdf
- Form required once per year - Parent-Guardian Sportsmanship Expecations.pdf

- (Physical Form from doctor good for 2yrs) Sports Physical