Staff Directory

Staff links are listed on the left by last name and/or department. 

Main Office:  How can the Main Office Page help you?  Contact us for student absenses, pick-up/drop off information, attendance, registration information/questions, or to reach the Principal, Dean of Students, Counselor or Nurse. 

Teachers:  How do I contact a teacher? If you need to speak with your student's teacher, please call the main office at 360-829-3395 and leave a message.  Teachers do not take telephone calls while they are teaching, but make every effort to promptly return your calls.  You can also email the teachers your questions or concerns. 

Name Email Address
Adams, Kimberly
Albrecht, Tracy
Alvarado, Genell
Artz-Payne, Mari Lou
Bale, Joel
Barry, Sandra
Berkshire, Dorothy
Birklid, Amy
Bleasdale, Jared
Brower, Andrea
Cambra, Christine
Cederdahl, Chelsea
Clare, Kelci
Coleman, Valerie
Collins, Clarkson (Bill)
Connor, Steena
Dahlem, Susan
Delaney, Beth
Dever, Kathy
Dietrich, Rebecca
Dunning, Laureen
Englebert, Sandra
Frame, Joseph
Froemke, Diana
Froemke, Jennifer
Garding, Linda
Cerato-Gibbs, Robin
Giger, Heather
Gillespie, Heather
Gillig Bogard, Jennifer
Gillingham, Melanie
Grams, Brant
Green, Breanne
Hayes, Teri
Hegel, Lorine
Hingston, Joel
Hinrichs, Quin-Anne
Howard, Robin
Kitchen, Tim
Knutson, Kristina
Lake, Sara
Lampe, Erin
Larson, Teal
Leete, Arden
Meadows, Joanne
Mongrain, Sara
Noborikawa, Leslie
Oconner, Denise
Palmer, Heidi
Pattison, Bonnie
Pittser, Candice
Plagens, Karin
Pruitt, Bobby
Rairdan, Kayla
Rasmussen, Noel
Rossman, Marji
Ruediger, Otto JR
Ryan, Rebecca
Sadler, Christopher
Schumacher, John
Sievers, Corie
Sievers, Linda
Simons, Kimberly
Smith, Keren
Smith, Stephen
Stevens, Joy
Stipe, Jessica
Uhler, Adam
Vallala, Terry
VanSickle, Julia
Wagner, Jennifer
Yajko, Andrea
Youngs, Stephen