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Main Office

240 N "C" St - Buckley, WA 98321

PH: 360-829-3395  /  Fax: 360-829-3391
Office Hours: 7:35am - 3:30pm
School Hours:  7:55am - 2:30pm
(Students are permitted on campus at 7:45am)
(School to begin at 8:55am – Students permitted on campus 8:45am)

Name Title  Ext.
Nick Hedman Principal 6149
Jessica Gill Assistant Principal 6158
Chari Wright Assistant Principal 6157
Anjalina Randall Dean of Student Support 6181
Kelli Schramm Office Manager 6147
Joy Kindelspire Attendance Secretary  6150
Jamie Toles Registrar/Counseling Secretary 6181
Jawana Akuffo Counselor (A-K) 6181
Landon Packard Counselor (L-Z) 6181
Stacy Cargill Nurse 6162
Najela Carter School Psychologist 6195
Michaela Stanton Speech-Language Pathologist 6160
Karla Tripoli ISS Supervisor 6205
Robin Becker Sports Secretary/Office Assistant 3969