School Menus Update

Starting June 2024, breakfast and lunch menus will now be accessed using a new platform, nutrislice.   This new method of communication allows for transparency as it relates to specific nutritional information & in particular, allergens.  It also enables the district to comply with new regulations and rules.   
We understand that this new system will take some time to get used to, so we have decided to implement it now so that families can get accustomed to the new platform and explore its features.  

Google and Apple apps available
Personalized views- Menu views can be customized based on language (40+ available), nutritional information, and dietary needs.
Outreach tools- Push notifications and news to stay up-to-date
Please click on this White River nutrislice link and select your school to view menus.  Menus are created in real-time, depending on the supply chain, and menus will be available about a week in advance. Of course, the menus will still be "subject to change" at any time.