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Standards Based Grading

The change to standards-based grading (SBG) is a significant change for schools and learners across the country. If we were just focused on teaching and grading it would be easy because we wouldn't change anything. But because we want to ensure learning in essential skills and knowledge and clearly articulate the progression of learning for each standard, it is very challenging. I have shared these challenges and our solutions at Parent Meetings and in a Q and A handout that we are continually updating as we field questions and concerns Updated GMS Parent Guide to Standards Grading 2018-19.pdf.

We have 3 ways to help parents stay connected to their student's learning. None of them are perfect reports or systems and we are continuing to develop clearer forms of communication for students and families. 

1) A Bi-monthly PDF report that has all the courses with all the standards and grades for each event is pushed via email to families. Here is a video from me to help sort through this: What You Need to Know about Progress Reports - GMS  You can see the assignment/assessment grades for the specific skill/standard. We do not like that it shows ALL the standards that will not be scored. 

2) Go on to Skyward and see the assignment/assessment scores.   You can access and view grades on a mobile device or laptop/desktop version. The view differs slightly depending on what device you are on.  Both versions display missing assignments. Here are the 2 videos:  To view on a tablet or phone and To view on a computer or laptop

 3) Families and students can request a specific Progress Report from the teacher. It is probably the best report we can offer, but it has to be generated by the teacher and emailed individually. It needs little explanation on how to read it.

Mastery Scale

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